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Take a precooled Collins Tumbler. Put 3 teaspoons of brown cane sugar into the glass. Fill in 3 cl of fresh pressed lime Juice. Stirr. Add about 10 pretty mint leaves.
Gently press the mint leaves with the back of the spoon against the glass wall, so that only the essential oils emerge and the leaves remain undisturbed.
Add 6cl of Bacardi Reserva Rum. Stirr again to blend the liquids and dissolve the sugar. Add some ice cubes and fill up with chilled soda water. Stirr a last time so the liquids get cooled by flowing between the ice cubes. Take a stirrer, a straw and a nice little mint branch as decoration.
3 teaspoons bwon cane sugar
3cl fresh lime juice
10 mint leaves
6cl Bacardi Reserva Rum
soda water
1 small mint branch
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