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Fontainebleau Side Car
Wien 1., Dorotheergasse 14
+43 1 512 9979

Rezeptfilm produziert von Lukas Wanderer www.lukaswanderer.com
Prepare a precooled cocktail glass. Take your shaker and fill in 7-10 ice cubes. Add 6 cl of Bulleit Bourbon, 2cl Cointreau and 2cl fresh squeezed lemon juice. Shake it properly so the whisky, the Cointreau and the juice are merging. Pour your Cocktail into your precooled glass and float a little bit of Grand Marnier. Take a small piece of lemon peel and twist it over your cocktail to perfume your drink.
For decoration take your lemon peel and a cherry.
6cl Bulleit Bourbon 10y
2cl Cointreau
2cl fresh lemon juice
float Grand Marnier
lemon peel
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